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About Tamera Lyndsay


Tamera Lyndsay’s overall collections range from table top and high end stationery to millinery to custom footwear, stage wear and leather upholstery and furniture.

She has fitted some of the best performers with what they need to shine. From Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow, Lydia Lunch, Annie Lennox and Cindy Wilson of The B-52's to Maynard J Keenan of TOOL, A Perfect Circle and Pucifer, Tamera Lyndsay's special Custom work is a best kept secret of some of the most creative performers out there.

In Feb. 2006, Tamera's original design wrist wallets were Tagged To Be Part of The SWAG of the 48th Annual GRAMMY® AWARDS Gift Bags!

Tamera Lyndsay emerged from the "High Design" movement of downtown New York. An influental figure in the emerging East Village art scene of the eighties, she produced millinery lines, accessories and collaborations with with Barbara Klar & Clear Metals, a popular trend-setting jewelry & acessories boutique on E. 7th St. from 1985-1989, Tamera Lyndsay was Represented by Yvette Fry (Internationally) in the beginnings of Yvette's 5th Avenue show room.

Teaming up with jeweller Barbara Klar, these the early days of Clear Metals in the East Village. Barbara made fabulous jewelry, Tamera millinery and accessories. Four years later, Tamera went out on her own, dropping the pork pie hats and eighties sash belts for a table top line of leather journals, albums and writing accessories while Barbara Klar went upscale retail, moving Clear Metals from 7th & A to Soho.

In 1993, Tamera moved her base of operations to Arizona to apprentice in boot making with Bob McLean, the legendary Paul Bond right hand man. After apprenticing, Tamera officially launched Wilma Accessories Limited and established wholesale production and design operations in Az.

The work evolved to include a full wholesale table top line of Albums, Journals, and Writing Accessories represented by Fine Lines (in North America) in LA from 1995-1998.

In 2000, Tamera Lyndsay started hosting workshops on shoe-making in between production runs. Also in 2000,, Wilma Accessories’ on-line company store, opened it’s doors.

Eventually, the workshops evolved into a full blown College devoted entirely to the art of the shoe and boot, and teaches a full range of programs from entry level to advanced, the first and only college in North America of it's kind! Click on Shoe College for more info.

Thanks for dropping by and we hope you like our new look! "Functional. Elegant. Rugged. Intelligent." -- T.L.